Children’s Scholarship Fund

South Sudan has a high proportion of children who don’t attend school. Years of civil war have wreaked havoc on these children’s lives, destroying their educational rights and hope for a better future. Greater Hope Project is already a big part of a primary school in Rhino Refugee Camp (Hope Primary School), but many of the children can’t afford to continue on into Secondary School. The percentage of children in the refugee camps that are unable to attend Secondary School is 80%. This is a horrible blow to their dreams and the possibility of lifting their families out of poverty.

That’s where our scholarships come in. Students who reach the qualifying standard (division 1) will be eligible for paid tuition to Nyanglia, a local boarding school. This provides them with something to work hard toward, giving them a lasting work ethic. Each child will need $550 a school year; $250 for the first term, $150 each for the second and third term. This covers tuition, boarding fees, personal hygiene items, uniforms, and footwear. South Sudan ranks among one of the worst for literacy, with 70% of its population being unable to read or write. Educating this younger generation gives them the tools they need to improve their country’s economy, enhance social development, lower poverty rates, and establish lasting peace efforts. Help us better the lives of these children and make their dreams come true through the education they desire.

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