An education brings hope of a better future for any child. For the children of South Sudan, a day at school means so much more. War has forced them from the only home they’ve ever known. Some are separated from their parents. Others are orphaned, having watched their family’s brutal murder. Their trauma is unimaginable, but the hope of a better life keeps them coming back to school.

Education is a Future

An education is an opportunity for a good job. It gives young girls an alternative to early motherhood and endless poverty. It gives shattered lives a renewed sense of hope and purpose. Educated children are the future of any broken country. They are the peacemakers, the leaders, the teachers, and the doctors. They are the end to a cycle of poverty and crisis.

Every Child has a Story

Determination, focus, and hope are words to describe Christina. At fourteen years old, violent circumstances have already forced her to grow up, but that doesn’t stop her from trying to change her future.

When her father was killed, Christina and her mother fled South Sudan. After walking for two weeks, they reached the refugee camps of Northern Uganda. Despite the trauma and difficulties, Christina was set on getting an education, leading her to walk an hour each way to attend Hope Primary School.

Today, Christina and four others share a stained mattress in a small mud hut closer to the school. She doesn’t bat an eye when showing you her home. It’s temporary and her focus is on her studies. When you ask her what she wants to be when she grows up, Christina looks you in the eye and says an accountant. Her goal is to rise from poverty and be successful. 

They Need Your Help

Greater Hope is a group of people from all walks of life, connected by a thread of hope and a passion to help those affected by injustice. We are partnering with the Anglican Church of Uganda in Arua to help meet the educational needs of refugee children, starting with the Hope Primary School in the Rhino Refugee Camp.

Over 600 child refugees receive their education here. With very limited resources and more refugees continuing to pour into the camp, the children of Hope Primary School are in desperate need of help.

Our Mission

Our current mission is to give the children of Hope Primary School the thing that every student needs to learn: a full belly. By providing each student a free lunch at school, the children will be able to better focus on her studies. With stronger, well-nourished bodies and sharper, well-educated minds, they’ll be ready to lead the way to change in their country.

Well nourished children have stronger immune systems and fewer illnesses, reducing absence from school. They’re better able to focus and learn, which both benefits their personal futures and helps build the foundation of a stronger, more educated nation. Finally, a child who knows he will receive a free meal at school is more likely to attend, reducing idleness and trouble at home.

The children of South Sudan are hungry for a brighter future. Please help them find it. Use the button below to make a donation today.

Why Greater Hope?

The cost to feed a child is $5.00 a month per child. Our goal is to raise $24,750 so that every child at the Hope Primary School can have a meal every time they come to school.

When you partner with Greater Hope, every dollar you give goes directly to helping children. Unlike many other non-profit organizations, all of our administrative expenses are paid by private donors.

Educating children gives them and their country hope for the future. Feeding children gives them the ability to truly make their education count. We invite you to partner with us in securing a brighter future for every child impacted by war.