We are a group of people from all walks of life, connected by a thread of hope and a passion to help those affected by injustice. Our project started with Uche, a man from Nigeria who was called to serve and disciple the people of South Sudan.

For over 12 years he worked tirelessly to help meet the needs of those he served. When war broke out and millions were forced to flee to the camps in Northern Uganda, he decided he was needed there even more.

Across the ocean in Colorado, a woman was incessantly thinking of the trouble in that part of Africa. Wanting to help, she emailed the founder of Adventures in Missions who connected her with his dear friend Uche.

Shortly thereafter she jumped on a plane to Uganda where she met Uche and got to see his vision up close and personal. Her heart broke as she heard countless stories of how the refugees escaped Sudan, many with family members being killed. She also witnessed first-hand their living conditions at the refugee camps.

Upon returning home, she shared the stories of terror and loss. One by one a team of committed people formed to start helping Uche fulfill his vision for helping his people. Our group is working to change the lives of the refugees for good and for God.

We’re starting with the Hope Primary School in Rhino Refugee Camp. Education is a way to give children a future and an opportunity to reverse the poverty they were born into. Led by teachers who are working for free, this school gives displaced kids a purpose each day and teaches them how to work hard for success.

Our common belief is that helping people should not be a hand out, but a way to invest in a lasting and sustainable future. Empowering communities helps break the chains of apathy and defeat, emotions so often prevalent in catastrophic situations. Our goal is to provide a platform where communities can thrive and have a greater hope for a better future.

We invite you to join us in our mission!